In addition to the traditional firing range with target conveyors, we also have a unique interactive live fire shooting range.

It is the only such shooting system in Poland and one of the very few in Europe. Due to the use of advanced technology and very high production costs, is the hardware reserved for training of special forces and the army.

Here at PM Shooter you have a unique chance to try it yourself without any limitations!

Unlike typical interactive shooting systems, which use laser tag or airsoft guns, our interactive range enables shooting with real firearms and live ammunition!

Our interactive system, allows to display multiple scenarios, from simple static targets and moving targets, through various turntables, as well as film sequences with terrorists.

The video below demonstrates our live fire interactive shooting range.

Live Fire Interactive Shooting Range pricing:

- 50, pln shooting range fee (every shooting person for each 30 minutes of shooting)

Ammo price (price per 1 shot):

caliber 0,22 - 1,50 pln
caliber 9mm Para - 2,50 pln
Sig-Sauer X-Five pistol - 3,50 pln
P-08 pistol - 4,50 pln

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